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welcome to chicago!

Moving can be hard. Let us help you connect with a community you'll love.

What are your concerns or obstacles in finding a community in Chicago?

explore the options below!

home: Who We Are

i feel anxious, nervous, or uncertain

connect with project milk's positive psychology chatbot to build confidence

meeting new people is scary

check out our ambassador program to help you get your footing in a new city

i don't know where to go

check out neighborhood guides and housing resources made by locals

i want to find things to do

find local events and programs where you can meet your other new neighbors!

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home: FAQ

is this free?

heck yea! all of our events/programs are led by volunteers looking to make things easy for you. sometimes you'll have to pay for your own coffee and such, but you'll never pay for any services.

how do ambassadors get selected?

ambassadors are screened and trained, but are non-crisis resources. when you select an ambassador on our page, we only share your information with the ambassador you choose.

who runs unpack?

unpack is run by volunteers, but we are part of a large network across the US of centerlink/local LGBTQ centers.

what if i have a more serious concern?

queerious is NOT meant to be a professional resource. if you feel you are in crisis, check out this link.

build resilience with project milk

Project Milk is a chatbot developed by Hopelab, designed for and with the LGBTQIA+ community. Chatting with Project Milk can help you build the confidence you need to explore your new city.

Based in San Francisco, Hopelab is developing science-backed tech to help queer teens and young adults live happier, healthier lives.

home: About Us

meet our ambassadors

our current ambassadors are here if you need to ask questions, meet up, or get connected to other people in your community. your ambassador will never share your information.


Chris Baggott (He/Him/His)

Ask me about: Best hiking trails in Illinois!

Hey all! I'm Chris, and I moved to Chicago (specifically Lincoln Park) 5 years ago for my job in civil engineering. I absolutely love this city but my favorite part is definitely the nature; you can find me hiking or taking photos on the weekend. Reach out and we can get coffee at some of my favorite places around the neighborhood!

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Vanessa Corbett (She/Her/Hers+They/Them/Theirs)

Ask me about: Where to see plays and live shows!

Hi, I'm Vanessa! I've been in Bucktown for about two years now, and I'm originally from Ireland. I love the whole live scene show in Chicago, so definitely reach out if you want to check out a comedy show or musical. I'm currently working in product design!

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Jean Jiang (They/Them/Theirs)

Ask me about: Ice cream and hot dogs

Helloooo! I'm Jean, and if you couldn't tell I'm a huge foodie. The food scene in Chicago is amazing and you can count on me to recommend the best places for ice cream, hot dogs, and more. Let's go get some grub! I've been in Boystown for about three years now and I'm a digital producer at a magazine.

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home: Meet the Team

become an ambassador

be a friend to those in need

our ambassadors are inspiring individuals who take on the role of helping humans in the lgbtq+ community new to their city find friends and support. by taking on this role, you'll have the opportunity to help build resiliency for newcomers and show them good times along the way.

give back

be a resource to your local community in support of those who are new here and need help navigating their way around your city.

build resilience

maintain relationships and build new ones by putting together events and meetups

train to lead

ambassadors all go through screening and training to know when to bring in professional support

home: Get Involved

Queer Chicago Subreddit

redirect to our r/qchicago for FAQs by locals, for locals

Neighborhood Guides

check out community-built guides for everything from bars to health centers

Roommate Search

Look for friendly neighborhoods and neighbors

home: Programs

local events in Chicago

home: Upcoming Events
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